It is with great sadness that we announce that Simon Edwards died on 21 January 2018, after suffering from cancer for three years.

As Simon helped so many people and really changed their lives I thought you would like to honour him and join us at a memorial event to celebrate his life which is to be held on 19th June 2018.

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The 10,000 hour rule

There is a commonly held view that to be a real expert requires talent, training, dedication and then practice of 10,000 hours and more.

It is suggested that it is only after ‘practicing’ for this time that the ‘expert’ tag can be truly deserved.

Leading Neurologist, Daniel Levitin explained in an interview with the BBC Science Magazine Focus that ‘it seems that the brain takes this long to assimilate all it needs to achieve true mastery’ and this can be translated into ‘the harder you work the luckier you get’ – an endorsement that the successful elite need such time to really learn their trade.

This is not only about amassing ‘flying hours’ but using the ‘apprenticeship’ effectively to explore new techniques and to learn from each individual hour – to have 10,000 individual hours of experience and not just 1 hour of experience multiplied by 10,000.

So what does this mean in real terms for those who wish to aspire to greatness?

Simon respects the hours of weekly training sessions, the rehearsals and practice from those who want to achieve an elite status within their chosen careers.

The professionals, the high achievers and the entrepreneurs all explain to Simon how their dedication and the importance of 20 + hours a week, month after month for ten years is the minimum pre-requisite to be an expert and to be at the top of their ‘game’ and some can achieve their goal sooner by investing 40 hours per week for just five years.

Practice makes Perfect – 98% perspiration and 2% inspiration as the actors always say.

There is always the debate of ‘nature or nurture’ and of course natural talent and ability are important component parts of any success, but the desire to succeed and commit to goals is something that can be nurtured.

Simon has actually invested over 18,000 hours of one to one sessions since founding his Practice in March 2000 and respects the importance of training, knowledge, experience, dedication and motivation for the achievement of the highest results in any Profession.