It is with great sadness that we announce that Simon Edwards died on 21 January 2018, after suffering from cancer for three years.

As Simon helped so many people and really changed their lives I thought you would like to honour him and join us at a memorial event to celebrate his life which is to be held on 19th June 2018.

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So many of his Clients attempt to articulate how they feel and why they experience constant feelings of anxiety, stress and worry.

Sometimes they are facing a new situation such as having to do a presentation at work or a speech at a wedding – so naturally they would expect to feel a little nervous.

However, some people are so consumed with total panic at the thought of having to do something out of the ordinary and away from their ‘comfort zone’, that they have ‘nervous’ symptoms such as sleepless nights and panic attacks and can become quite distressed, depressed and ultimately unwell.

Eventually they may feel that they cannot even cope with everyday life as they experience those debilitating feelings of stress, worry, panic and nervousness on a regular basis.

As the symptoms persist, they constantly live in the hope that one day they will feel ‘normal’ again.

They often find themselves endlessly sharing their problems with friends believing that a problem shared is a problem halved, but this can have a short term benefit, as long term they will need their friends to be friends and not psychologists or therapists.

Simon can show his new Clients to stop worrying and stop feeling nervous and he helps them through MindMeasuring™ to have more balanced levels of self control by using their own natural resources.

It is advised that new Clients should contact their GP to describe their symptoms prior to meeting with Simon.