Dentist / White Coat Phobia

Dental Phobia, Dental Fear, Dental Anxiety and White Coat Phobia are all descriptions of how people may feel when visiting their Dentist, Hygienist, GP, Medical Practitioner or a Hospital.

Sometimes it’s because they may be embarrassed at the state of their teeth and gums and the fact that they pay little or no attention to the recommendations of regular brushing or flossing.

Some may have a fear of needles and Dentist Surgeries and therefore have put off regular visits and realise that their lack of attendance is increasing the odds of requiring treatment.

Others are frightened of the potential pain that they think is about to come… then there are those who just hate the smells and the sounds of the Medical environment that maybe reminds them of negative childhood experiences.

Whatever the reasons, it is advised that new Clients should contact their GP to share their symptoms prior to meeting with Simon.