Anger Management

Some people appear placid, relaxed and unruffled in any situation that life has to offer.

Others however, have a ‘short’ fuse and can just snap at the slighest thing and then seem to become emotional and physically or verbally aggressive as a ‘chemical’ reaction apparently takes hold of them.

They ‘flip’ and all their rational thoughts are put on hold as they shout and scream, punch walls (or worse) and risk everything that is important to them in an instant.

Simon has worked with many people (some in the public eye) who cannot afford these ‘lapses’ as they may harm their reputation .

Often these indiscretions are instantly captured by mobile phone cameras and are posted onto YouTube within moments of the incident happpening and can have devasting effects on Careers and Relationships with the Press and the Public. If the ‘symptoms’ remain untreated they can ruin the ‘image’ that expensive PR Companies have been striving to create over time.

Of course these situations are also common to those away from the public eye and the ‘chemicals’ can also surge when others are being annoying in queues in supermarkets, irritating in cinemas, selfish on the roads and inconsiderate at home and a work.

To begin with, Simon expects his new Clients to have discussed their issues with their GP and then he will help his them to understand that they can enjoy a more ‘balanced’ life and outlook and not be ruled by the ‘red mist’.

Using MindMeasuring™ he systematically
re-calibrates the positives and negatives and ‘ring fences’ the bi-products and creates a more balanced foundation to live life by.