Abandonment Issues

Overcoming Loss: The Simon Edwards Way™

Simon has worked with many Clients who have described the most unimaginable stories of ‘abandonment’ and these experiences have equipped him to deal with new Clients and their ‘memories’ – they are often referred to as:

Abandoned Child Syndrome / Abandonment / Involuntary Loss / Divorce / Lost Love Bereavement / Redundancy / Bankruptcy / Evacuees / Asylum Seekers / Holocaust Survivors / War Veterans

As the above list suggests, ‘Abandonment’ is not solely restricted to the loss of Parents through death or divorce, but can manifest itself through a series of experiences.

Simon’s sympathetic and empathetic style creates a conducive environment for even the most distressed Clients to recall their own personal issues and to enable him to help them put their past into a new ‘perspective’ and help them to move forward.

Using MindMeasuring™ he carefully re-calibrates the past with the present and creates a practical way forward for an optimistic future that is no longer compromised and prejudiced by negative memories.