It is with great sadness that we announce that Simon Edwards died on 21 January 2018, after suffering from cancer for three years.

As Simon helped so many people and really changed their lives I thought you would like to honour him and join us at a memorial event to celebrate his life which is to be held on 19th June 2018.

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'Shy' Bladder

Paruresis, shy or bashful bladder are names of a most common condition when someone finds it hard or impossible to urinate in the presence of others, away from their home or when they are required to produce a ‘sample’ upon demand.

Simon has heard many of the ‘tactics’ used by those not wanting to urinate in public – they will not drink if they think they are going to be away from home or may organise their trip to include known single cubicle toilets, rather than public one’s.

The planning of holidays, careers and even relationships can be on the mind of the sufferer of a shy bladder and everyday life can be compromised by their overwhelming desire to focus on this debilitating condition.

Another common condition associated with this condition, is the concern that the moment a person sits in a confined space such as an aircraft seat, in a meeting, a cinema or in a car, they have the overwhelming desire to urinate.

This can prove to be so upsetting that they only ever consider booking aisle seats in theatres and when they are offered the worst table in a restaurant (by the toilets) they think it is a great result.

Simon is so used to dealing with these conditions. that he can explain anecdotaly how he has helped his many Clients to overcome their problems.

Prior to meeting with Simon he suggests that his new Clients explain their symptoms to their GP.