Changing your behaviour

Simon will often refer to ‘practiced behaviour’ when explaining anecdotally the various ‘conditions’ he has worked with.

This ‘behaviour’ is when we practise a new way of thinking or an action and when we get good at it – it becomes part of either our psychological or our physiological ‘vocabulary’ or both.

As we become more and more proficient at doing these new things well, they can become part of our thought process.

Now wouldn’t it be good if our ‘behaviour’ was positive and was investing in to providing us all with a healthy and stress free lifestyle all of the time?

Alas, this is not and cannot always be the case.

You may have many ‘bad’ habits and do them so well and so often, that you actually do them without thinking…sub-consciously.

As a Specialist in Behaviour, Simon quickly identifies these negatives and then sets about helping you to find new balance in your life.

He works in conjunction with your own natural balance known as homeo-stasis – your natural ‘default’ system, when your mind and body is working for sameness and stability.

It is suggested that those people who are ‘happy’, positive and optimistic will live longer lives than those who are ‘miserable’ – by a significant number of years.

Simon re-calibrates your ‘negatives and positives’ and manages their bi-products to help you effortlessly change your demeanour and oultlook on life and shows you how to be happy and enjoy life in a positive and fun way.