It is with great sadness that we announce that Simon Edwards died on 21 January 2018, after suffering from cancer for three years.

As Simon helped so many people and really changed their lives I thought you would like to honour him and join us at a memorial event to celebrate his life which is to be held on 19th June 2018.

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Helping Parents

Helping Parents: The Simon Edwards Way™

To be able to do anything important in life, we need to be able to demonstrate our ability and suitability to the outside world:

To drive a car we take lessons and then a driving test and earn our licence.

To get a job we are interviewed and we confirm the knowledge we gained from school or college with certified results.

To progress in our careers, we are trained and may take more exams as our knowledge is tested and our experience is acknowledged and are accredited with rewards with enhanced salary and promotions.

However, to have children we do not need any qualifications.

We are thrown in at the deep end with little or no training to undertake the most important commitment we can ever make – to be responsible for another human being who is totally dependent on us for their every need.

There are of course some wonderful GP’s and official local and national support groups, but invariably a new parent will rely on instinct and family advice for the day to day upbringing of their family.

As time passes, we may see our children developing some of our own characteristics and mannerisms and this ‘practiced behaviour’ is the bi-product of being ourselves and teaching our children in our own individual personality styles – with little or no understanding of personality type and sensory understanding whilst learning etc.

No-one is expected to be an expert child psychologist without training and experience and therefore we use our own ‘practiced behaviour’ that we learned from our own parents or guardians and therefore we spend our time leading by example in the ‘hope’ that it will work.

However, sometimes it doesn’t and parents are faced with a family dynamic that seems out of control and continually difficult.

Simon uses The Simon Edwards Way™ to show parents how they are different from their partners, their own parents and their children and then he helps them to use this knowledge to understand how they can communicate with each other more effectively and in a more successful and understanding way.

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