It is with great sadness that we announce that Simon Edwards died on 21 January 2018, after suffering from cancer for three years.

As Simon helped so many people and really changed their lives I thought you would like to honour him and join us at a memorial event to celebrate his life which is to be held on 19th June 2018.

For more information please email

Family issues

Helping Families: The Simon Edwards Way™

Simon can help his Client’s to really understand the dynamics of the personalities that make up their family and to live a more harmonious existence.

Separation, divorce, illness, a new birth, a bereavement or any significant change can compromise the balance of family life.

He can work with individual members or with whole family, in their home and using The Simon Edwards Way™ he explains how each person has a different personality and how they may deal with new ‘challenges’ in different ways and to learn how to respect these differences in their family.